Thursday, 25 July 2013

Writing Poetry with Janelle Lee

Today we had a fantastic opportunity to work with a real author. We did this by using Skype to invite Janelle Lee into our classroom. Some of us remember Janelle from when she Skyped with Miss Spink's class last year.

Lately in writing, we have been investigating poetry. We have read a wide variety of poems and identified different devices poets use. When writing poetry we have experimented with onomatopoeia, alliteration, simile, metaphor and personification. We have had a go at using repeating refrains to add rhythm. We do that by counting the syllables in each line.

Today with Janelle we were challenged to write a poem about a 'journey'- this could have been any journey we have been on, physical, social or emotional. The structure of our poem had to have three stanzas, the first two were quatrains and the last a couplet.

During the Skype we 'live tweeted'- this was a great way to share what we were doing and how we were feeling.

Stay tuned for our poems when they are finished, we look forward to sharing.

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