Thursday, 31 January 2013

School Values

At Aitken Creek Primary School our students and teachers strive to fulfil our school values on a daily basis. Whether we are at home or school we live by the values of RespectResponsibility, Teamwork and Achievement

Today in 5/6 B we discussed what those values meant to us.

In 5/6 B we do not have classroom rules because we do not need them.

We know that by each of us living and working by our school values will enable our grade to be a respectful, caring and collaborative learning environment. 

We look forward to sharing and learning together 
in 2013. 

How do you demonstrate these values at school?

How do you demonstrate these values at home? 

Why is it important to demonstrate these values EVERYDAY? 


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  2. Hello Miss Spink,
    Makeely and Elanur here.
    We really enjoyed haave a whole lesson about the school values and how we can demonstrate them. We demonstrate the values at school by helping each other as a team, respecting each and every person, Being ressponsible for our own belongings and Never giving up and always giving 100 persent. We demonstarte these values at home by helping our families clean up and maybe even helping out with cooking, respecting and appreiciiating all off the gifts and things that your parents or family may have bought for you,achieving chores or other helpful things to show the value of achievement and nnot losing things and have places for everything is very responsible. It is important to demonstrate these values everyday because it helps you to be a kind and caring person. Using these values will help you make new friends outside of school.

    Thanks for taking the time to read our comment :)
    From Makeelly and Elanur

  3. Dear Ms.Spink,

    We really did discuss the school values really good nice comment by the way,

    We demonstrate these values at school by being responsibe and respectful to younger kids and treating school property nicely.

    At home we will not run around in the house and break anything.

    Its important to demonstrate these values so we be good roll models and other people do the same as us and be responsible and respectful.

    By Balin and Can A.C.P.S

  4. Hello Ms.Spink
    I like the questions you put on the blog for evryone to answer.
    How I demonstrate the school values at school is I respect the school property, I try my best to achieve all my goals.
    I responsibly take care of my school laptop and other school things and for teamwork I would help someone if there stuck on a hard question.
    How I demonstrate school values at home is I respect my elderly, I try my best to achieve my sporting goals, responsibly take of other peoples things and my own things and to show teamwork in basketball we work together as one.
    It's important to show these values evryday becuase we need to use these values when we are older.
    From marko acps

  5. Hi 56B,
    We feel happy that we have school values.
    How do you demonstrate these values at school?
    We respect them in ways that we like to be treated.
    We take care of the school property.
    How do you demonstrate these values at home?
    When our perents give us jobs we listen and do it.
    We also use our manners at dinner when we have our food like not eating with our mouth open.
    We respect our neighbourhood and not be mean.

    Why is it inportant these values everyday?
    So you don't get lonley when your older and you have more company around you.

    Regards Cody and Deveraux

  6. Whats up,
    The demonstration of the school values at school are respet your eldest be a roll modle and many more.The values are expected at both home and school. It is important that you follow the school values everyday. regards Deon and Emre

  7. Dear Miss Spink,

    We like your blog and your qeustion.
    We well respect each other, we will use teamwork inside and outside of the school, we will be responsible

    From Ben and Josh ACPS

  8. Dear, Classmates

    This is a good way to keep everyone safe and comfortable around school,home and everywhere else.We think to demonstrate RESPECT at school we should keep our classroom clean and tidy, we should look after our and peoples property, we should use our manners like "thank-you and please" and so on. To demonstrate TEAMWORK we should work as a team and get along. To demonstarte RESPONSIBILITY we be organized and prepared.To demonstrate ACHEIVMENT we will think positive and never give up.
    To demonstrate RESPECT at home we should listen to our parents vand behaive. To demonstrate TEAMWORK at home we should help our family members and stick-up for erach other.To demonstrate RESPONSIBILITY we should respect our property and our other things or someone elses things.
    From Fatat,Sevil and Tiffany

  9. To Miss Spink We liked what you wrote and we will follow the school values. Respect others and caring about one another. Working together as a team challenging yourself. Respect your eldest and listen to your parents and respect your brothers and sister. So when your younger brother and sister or younger kids see you they will grow up and do the right thing.
    From Anthymus and Aykut ACPS.

  10. Dear Miss Spink,

    I really like your comment about our school values because it explains what we did on our first day back and what our school values are.

    At school we demonstrate our school values by giving posite feedback, geting along with others,challenging yourself and being polite to everyone around.

    At home we demonstrate our school values by being a rolemodel for our brothers our sisters and our parents, never giving up on our homework, helping eachother out and geting along with others.

    It is important to demonstrate thesse values everyday because it is respectfull to others and because we are rollmodels to everyone.

    Regards Elysse

  11. Dear Miss Spink,

    I like what you wrote, because who ever reads this will know that our class uses the ol values are.

    At school we demonsrtate our school values by challenging yourself,use your commen sense,respect everething thats around you and shareing is careing.

    At home we demonstrate our shool values by being a school rool modle for are sisters,brothers and parents.and you should never give up on homework.

    It's important to demonstrate our school values ereyday because younger kids will see the eldest not following school voules and will think that they are alawed to do bad things.

    Sincerely Ella,

  12. Dear Miss Spink
    I'ts important to demonstrate the school values so parents see that it is a good school and smaller kids to see what the elder kids are doing, if the elder kids do not follow the school values the smaller kids will not follow the school values too. But if the bigger kids follow the school values the smaller kids will do the same

  13. Dear Miss Spink and the rest of 5/6B

    Miss Spink Campbell and I (Jacob) like the post but maybe it could be little longer.
    We demonstrate these values by:
    Acting responsible
    Respecting school property
    Getting along with class members
    We listen to the teacher when she is talking
    We also make no noise when Miss Spink is talking
    and many more.
    We demonstrate the values the same way we do at school but make them suitable for home.
    Without these values the school and home will be a mad house and will not coporate properly.
    Miss Spink as students we would like to know how you demonstrate them as a teacher?

    Kind regards Campbell and Jacob. ACPS