Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wolf Haven International Skype

Today 5/6A and 5/6B Skyped with Wolf Haven International, we found them through Skype in the Classroom. Wolf Haven International (WHI) is an organisation in North America that works for wolf conservation to protect wolves and their habitats.

WHI is in Tenino, Washington, USA.

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This term our Big Idea for Challenge Based Learning is Survival. The essential question we are trying to answer is 'What Impacts upon Survival?'

Our guiding questions are-
  • What is survival?
  • What affects our chance of survival?
  • How can we help endangered animals survive?
  • What is happening to cause habitat loss?
  • Why do people struggle to survive in other countries?
  • What affects the survival of our natural environment? 
We participated in the Skype in order for us to find information to help us answer some of our guiding questions. We started at 9am Melbourne time, which was 4pm Tenino time, yesterday! We met Erik, who works at WHI and knows so much about wolves!

Some interesting facts we learnt were:
  • A dingo is a sub-species of a wolf
  • Wolves are a part of the dog family, also known as canid family
  • The best way for wolves to survive is to stay in areas where their are no humans
  • The prey on weaker animals in herds when they are hunting
  • Only two human deaths have occurred as a result of wolves
  • Wolves are hunters but they also scavenge food
  • Wolves teeth are designed to tear meat a a part
  • Wolves are an apex predator which means they are at the top of the food chain
  • Wolves live in packs that hunt other animals
Some new and interesting vocabulary we discovered-


We will be presenting our work completed about this Skype soon...stay tuned! 

What do you know about wolves? 

What other endangered animals do you know about? 

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