Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So much hard work to finish off the term...

Both 5/6 classes at ACPS have been working really hard to present their findings for their CBL research. The quality of work that has been produced is fantastic. Students have enjoyed researching their own questions and constructing new knowledge from their findings. We are looking forward to proposing our solutions next term.

Here is our CBL Challenge-

Here are just some of the well researched results of student investigations:

Guiding Question

Thursday, 21 March 2013

CBL- Guiding Questions and Guiding Activities

Hi my name is Campbell and I am the group leader for my CBL group. The two classes who are doing it together are 5/6A and 5/6B, that’s my class. For the last 5 weeks we have been set a task. To research and find the answer to our guiding question which most of us were given. My question was- ‘What Australia would be like without the Commonwealth?’

We were set another task to present our research and findings. Miss Spink and Miss Cotter showed us and explained to us ways we could present our findings and research. We went off and had to decide how we wanted to present, tell the teacher and go back to plan. I decided to do a video scribe. This is what mine looks like. 

I hope everyone does just as well as me. I am really looking forward to seeing other people’s presentations.

Have you ever done CBL?
What are you doing for your presentation?
What is your guiding question?