Thursday, 6 June 2013

Asking Questions When Reading

As readers who are actively engaged in the reading process we need to question what we have read before, during and after reading. This not only engages us in what we are reading but helps us with our comprehension. When we ask questions while reading, we are more likely to remember important information and details.

In reading, we have been learning how to generate questions throughout reading. This process has helped us to get our knowledge ready before reading, review important points, evaluate the quality, make connections and refine our predictions.

How does asking questions throughout reading help you when you are reading? 

Describe a text you are reading and tell us about some of your Before, During and After questions. 

Worm Farm

These past two terms my CBL group, The ‘Democraticz’ have been working extremely hard to come up with and complete our solution to 'Respond to an issue you want changed'. Our solution was to get two worm farms donated to our school so we can learn how to compost our “fruit” scraps into the worm farm. So we emailed and called Katie Nuthall (waste and litter officer for Craigieburn Council) to come to our school on Tuesday the 21st of May and she explained some of these things...

  • What goes into the worm farm
  • Worm tea
  • Worm farm stories (layers)
  • Worms reactions to different things
  • ADAM

A- D- A- M- stands for...


This acronym is the main areas to look after a worm farm and keep the worms safe and healthy in an eco friendly and a environmental way.

By Chelsea

Why do you think having a worm farm at school is important?

Do you know any interesting facts about worms?

Would you consider having a worm farm at home?