Monday, 27 May 2013

Making Connections


Our learning intention today was to connect with the text to form a deeper understanding of what we read.
Our Success criteria was to make the following connections:
- Text to Text
- Text to Self
- Text to World
- Text to Media.

After making connections with the whole class using the text 'Full Moon Barnyard Dance' we went off and made connections with our own books that we have been reading.
Below are some of the connections we came up with.

 By Cody
 By Tiffany

 By Makeelly

 By Chelsea

By Fatat

What text are you familiar with that you can make connections with?
What types of connections do you make frequently?
Why do you think it important to make connections with a text?


  1. Hi,
    my name is Dareen
    In reading we are learing to make connections with our text. We make connections with our self the world media and text. If you want to connect you have to be able to have a good fit book, Not to advancied and you have to enjoy the book.
    I hope you use my tips.

  2. To Miss Spink and the rest of 5/6B

    This blog post is a great way for us to remember all the ways we need to connect.

    I am familar with the text Diary of a Whimpy Kid because I read them everyday for home reading.

    I make text to self connections most often without realising because I like to know if I have done the activity or not.

    I think you need to understand the text to be able to make a connection.

    Kind regards Campbell
    Aitken Creek PS

  3. Dear Ms Spink and Ms Vavala,

    I think I am really good at connecting because I have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books so I can connect clearly.

    I am familiar with Diary of a Wimpy Kid, because I have read all the books in the series and I have watched every movie of it.

    I think it is important to connect so you understand what you read and if you do not and cannot connect it means you're not clear with text.

    What text are you really clear with?

    From Can

  4. Hi Mrs Vavala, Miss Spink and 56B

    I really enjoy connecting. It makes me laugh and cry, remembering my past.I am fimiliar with Geronimo Stilton books because I am always reading them.I mostly make text to self or text to world connections because there are many things happening in the world that can be similiar to a book and there are many things in the book that has happened to me.I think its important to make connections to understand the text.


  5. Dear Miss Spink, Mrs Vavala and 5/6B,
    I think that making connections is important because if we dont make connections than we can't connect to the text.
    I am mostly familiar with Harry Potter books and Goosebumps to make connetions when we do them.

    I mainly make Text To Media and Text To Self when I do connections.

    So if you aren't understanding the book but you can connect to the section of what you are reading you can picture that and what it looks like.

    Regards, CodyACPS

  6. Dear Miss Spink,Mrs Vavvala and the rest of 56/b,
    I really think that connecting is really good idea for reading because if we don't connect we won't understand. The books I coonect with most are adventrous books(geronimo stilton, goosebumps and captain underpants
    by Deon