Thursday, 9 May 2013

Homework Blog

Hi, we are the Junior Government (Campbell, Fatat, Adison, Elanur, Aykut, Neha and Ramy). We have been doing CBL for about a term. Our challenge was to respond to an issue we want changed.

First, we brainstormed issues we wanted changed, we then chose one of them in consultation with Miss Spink and Mrs Cotter. We chose the homework blog idea. So we persuaded Mrs Cotter and Miss Spink to maintain the homework blog. We are now getting it up and running.

Now our homework will be on the homework blog and not on our class blogs. The homework will be updated every four weeks. It is important to have a homework blog because it is helpful to kids who need the help and kids who don’t need the help. It is very useful because many people like to share their ideas and work.

The essential question was 'How democracy does an impact on the way we live?'.  Democracy has made impacts on our lives because it changes the way we live, it can make the way we live better or worse because we are able to have a say. By convincing Mrs Cotter and Miss Spink we were able to change the way we learn in class and out of class.

You will find the homework at

Hopefully it will be a big help to all students.  

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  1. Hi everyone

    It's Fatat from Junior Government.Hopefuly you are all enjoying the blog.