Thursday, 16 May 2013

CBL Reflection

Both 5/6 classes at ACPS have been working really hard to present their findings for their CBL research. The quality of work that has been produced is fantastic. Students have enjoyed researching their own questions and constructing new knowledge from their findings. The challenge solutions that have been carried out are of a very high standard! Both Mrs Cotter and myself are very proud of what all students have achieved. 

Your job now is to celebrate and reflect on all that you have achieved. Your task is to comment on this post. Describe your solution to 'Respond to an issue that you want changed'. Use the reflection prompts below to guide your thinking. Try to answer at least one prompt from each section. You are allowed to add your own thoughts as well

Reflection Prompts

Understanding the Challenge

• Explain the big idea, essential question, and the challenge.
• Why is this important to you and your community?
• Who does the challenge impact?

Guiding Questions/Research

• What were the most valuable guiding questions?
• What kinds of surprises did you encounter during your research?
• What resources were the most valuable?

The Solution

• Describe the process your team went through to come to your solution.
• What things did you try that didn’t seem to work?
• Why do you think your solution will make a difference?

Executing the Solution

• How did you put your solution into action?
• How did you measure its effectiveness?
• What obstacles did you face during this process?


• What challenges did you face working as a team?
• How did your group utilize individual talents?
• What have you learned about collaboration?

Review of Your Work

• Could you have solved this challenge differently?
• What would you do differently if you were to take on this challenge again?
• What is one thing you learned that you will never forget?


• What did you learn during this process that you didn’t know before?
• How can you apply this process and/or your solution to other similar challenges 
in the world today?
• What skills did you learn that apply to other areas of your learning?

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  1. Hi my name is Dareen,
    My solution is to have a worm farm running in our school again. This is important to me and the community because it will help make highlands known as a green land and make our school look cleaner and more beautiful. In my research a big surprise when we found our solution becomes successful. My team and I tried to research different we types of companies that can educate use but that seemed to fail. We have started to our solution by messaging Katy Nuthall to come and visit our school and educate us. As a team we have faced was trying to figure out how many compost bins we will need and how many classes do we have in the whole school. I have learnt to always be confident and never be shy of what I say and act. I didn’t know how hard it was to organize plans.