Thursday, 31 October 2013

Save Our Rhinos

For the past few weeks our class has been learning about the Rhinos in South Africa. Our class was sent a Rhino named Lesedi who also came with a book we wrote in that traveled around the world. Lesedi was sent to our school to teach us and help us understand that Rhinos are slowly becoming extinct. Keeping this in mind, we brought Lesedi into our CBL topic and tried to think of ways we could stop this from happening. 

We thought about solutions to keep Rhinos alive for much longer. We came up with things like raising money in fundraisers to donate to the Save The Rhino website, to things like making sure to not buy anything that may be harmful to Rhinos and their habitats. While we were trying to come up with solutions to save Rhinos we also learnt a lot about them. 

We learnt that there are only 5 species of Rhino left and there are no more than 5,000 Rhinos left in each species. Finding out this information made us feel like we needed to take action. You can take action too. If Rhino poaching is affecting you the same way it is affecting us please go to and donate or become a member to help support our Rhinos. 


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