Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Managing our own learning...

In Grade 5/6 we are trying to be organised learners who manage our time wisely. We have learnt to identify areas of our learning we do well, as well as elements we need to improve on.

This is something we will continue to work on for the rest of the year and will help us to become self managed, independent learners.

But what is managing our learning all about?

By the end of year six, our curriculum expects that we will-

We came up with the following ideas in order to help us manage our own learning...

This year we will....

How do you manage your learning? 

What are some areas you will be focussing on this year? 

Why is managing your own learning important? 


  1. Hi Ms Spink

    I really like managing my own learning. Now that I know how to manage my own learning I always do it. I manage my learning by treating all my items responsibly,Im confident when im writing, I use my time wisely, I stay on task and im always thinking positive thoughts about my work. I think this year I will be focusing on setting my own goals and keeping a checklist.I think managing my own learning is important because you should always be working just right.

  2. Heya 5/6B!

    Hows it going? Are you keeping your Homework up to date? If not, then you need to Manage your Learning! It is a great way to organise yourself and helps you keep up with School work.
    This year managing my learning has been one of my goals and at the moment, it's going pretty well.
    Managing your Learning is simply a fancy word for helping you stay on track with your education. You can organise space in many ways here are some ideas:
    Create a list of things to do
    Write down goals to complete
    Make a Study Journal at the back of your books
    Cleaning up your work space
    Planning out your Homework
    And many more!!
    I Manage my Learning by getting to class in time, arranging my books in folders, making lists for Homework, accomplishing all my Assignments and Projects before the due date.
    The reason 'Managing your Learning' is important is because you take control of what you do and it makes life easier without stressing over due work. It really helps you get on top of things and I would certainly recommend it to anyone that needs to organise their educational atmosphere. Since I'm here, I would like to ask 5/6B some questions about managing their Learning.
    What would you suggest to a friend if they asked you how to Manage their learning? What is the easiest way for you to accomplish your tasks early? How are you planning on achieving your goals? It would be great if some of you could answer my questions.
    Checking posts on this blog will certainly be added to my 'To-do' list.


    1. Hi Kyla,

      Thanks so much for your thoughtful and informative comment on your blog post. I am thrilled to hear that you are still continuing to work hard in high school and are still diligently managing your own learning. I can imagine that your high school teachers would be quite impressed!

      Thanks for keeping in contact, hope to hear from you again soon.

      Miss Spink

    2. Hi Kyla

      Thanks for the ideas, I'm hoping to finish some of my school work
      so i might create a check list so if I don't remember what needs to be done.

      If a friend ask me how to mange there own learning I would say: Keep up with your good work, always be organise maybe even create a check list or something for you to remember so you can keep on task.

      The easiest way for me is to use my time wisely, if I don't I will waste my time which I don't want to, if I waste my time I will pretty much get into trouble no one likes getting into trouble. :I

      How I would achieve my goal is to work on it a lot of times, until I get how to do it properly and if I don't, I will just keep trying.

      P.S. Hopefully you are having a good time at High School :)

  3. Hi Kyla ,
    I think your coment was right now I now how to manage my own lerning.Oh by the way we are all doing fine.How are you?


    1. Hiya Josh,
      Its great knowing that you are doing fine. I'm going occasionallly well in Highschool, its definitely a fantastic environment to learn new subjects and facts from. Though NAPLAN is coming our way so we are all jumpy these days when teachers mention the test, though we haven't heard much yet. Have a good time learning!



  4. Hi, how are you going? In 5/6B we have been using your edvice and have made a checklist.We have been working on our reading goals. My goals are not to stop reading after every sentence.

    I have been keeping up with my homework by doing some eveyday.My freinds and I have orginised a study night every thursday to study togethere at the libary.

    We are looking forward for more edvice to mange our own learing.

    Thanks regards Dareen,
    Aitken Creek PS.

  5. Hello Kyla,
    Makeelly speaking.

    Thanks for commenting on our blog. It’s going great thanks. Yes, we are keeping our homework up to date and working very hard. Thank you for the list of ways we can manage our own learning. We all really appreciate your help and advice. High school seems challenging.

    If my friend asked me how to manage their learning I would tell them to make checklists of unfinished work so they know what needs to be finished. Keep everything organised so you don't lose anything and you always know where you put your belongings and make personal goals that can help you to become organised and get your work finished.

    The easiest way for me to accomplish my tasks early is to make sure that I do nothing else but my work. I make sure that there is nothing that can distract me or take my attention away from my tasks.

    I plan to achieve my goals by always working hard to try and make my goals possible. If my goal is to use punctuation when reading, then I make sure that that is what I am focusing on most.

    I have a couple of questions for you :)
    How is high school going, is it really challenging? What are your favourite subjects? How do you manage your own learning in school?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this:)
    Makeelly ACPS

    1. Heya Makeelly,

      Your welcome and great to talk to you again. Good to hear that everyone is keeping their Homework up to date,(hopefully) and still manage to have a blast!
      Highschool is entertaining as well as amusing (besides the homeowrk every week). It does get challenging at times, but you just have to get through it. My favourite subjects are probably English (I have Mrs Ford- yay!!!- the best english teacher), 3D Art, Wood Tech, ICT, LOTE, and Music. I have a timetable stuck on the inside of my locker to help me remember what room to go to. As well as a large amount of heavy books. Heres the thing though, if we can get through it, you can too!
      See you soon!


  6. Dear Miss Spink,

    Mangaging your own learing is a FANTASTIC way to be organised and ready to learn.I manage my own learning by writing checklists in my book and making your I am staying on task.Some areas I believe I have to work on are making sure that I am staying on task and doing the best I possibly can and Making sure that I am persistent and NEVER giving up so I can strive to my goal no matter what.Managing your own learning is important because we need to be ready to learn and be organised so we can start our day at school.

    Regards Chelsea

  7. Dear Miss Spink,

    I really like managing my own learning.Now that I have learnt and know how to manage my own learning I will try my best to always do it.

    I manage my own learning by getting my things orgainised,Staying on task and im always giving positive thoughts to myself.

    I think this year my goals I will be focusing on is making a checklist to keep on track of my work and not get distracted by others to complete my work on time.

    I think managing my own learning is important because it keeps you on track and working to the best of your ability.

    Regards Elysse,
    Aitken Creek PS

  8. Dear Miss Spink, I am managing my own learning really well with managing my own learning I have made a check list of my writing,working on my reading goal,im going to make my self goals and try to use my time wisley not to talk to people alot when im working and stay on task the whole time.

  9. Hi Kyla,

    I have been manageing my own learning by making myself a check list and I have also been checking it off every time .I have some writing peices that I am proud of.but still many to complete.Do you have any advise for me to manage my own learning?

    Regards Ella,
    Aitken Creek PS

    1. Yes, Ella I surely do!
      Writing can be quite challenging,(trust me I know, I did a 300-600 worded narrtive)though we should always get control and organise our work time. Checklists are a great way to help you keep track and are very useful in real life situations.
      This is my advise:
      Considering that you have about two to three pieces of writing which is needed to be completed, I suggest that you can set up a daily chart of what to do each day for writing. For example this is mine from last week:
      Kraznir assingment:

      Short Story Type and Print-5:00
      Battle in the Mountain Poem-6:10
      Informative Letter-6:50
      Returning Home Newspaper-8:00
      Eat Dinner-After work

      Thats only the writing part.
      This is my suggestion though, the decision is your choice and I woud like you to consider all your options to help you organise your learning.
      Stay in touch!


  10. dear Kyla

    Thank you for your comment and your edvise.
    If a friend asked me how to manage there own learning I would tell them that you can manage your own learning by creating there own goals for them selves that they might need to improve. The easiest way for me to compleate my tasks early, is that I would make a cheak list to help myself managing my own learning.
    What would be the first thing you do Kyla to manage your own learning?

    from Elanur acps

    1. Hiya Elanur,

      The first thing I would most likely do is to set up my work space, then spread out all my homework, and begin writing a checklist. This is probably the easiest way to organise learning because you know what you have been assigned to complete.
      Thats from my point of view though, the choice is yours!
      Stay organised!


  11. Dear 5/6B and Miss Spink
    I am managing my own learning by having a checklist at the back of my writing book.

    This year the areas I will be focussing on in managing my own learning is all of them because I'm not that good at managing my own learning.

    Managing your own learning is important because if you don't know what to do you just look at your checklist if you have it.

    kind regards Anthymus ACPS

  12. Hey, Kyla
    It's Fatat
    How have you been and how's high school in year 7?Thanks for giving us advice to manage our learning.It's really nice seeing you commenting on our blog.
    If a friend asks me how to manage my learning I would say, tko manage your learning you have to be confident about your work, think positive and be persistant.To acomplish my tasks early I start early and stay on task.

    Bye for now

    1. Heya Fatat,

      Highschool is pretty exciting with all the locker buisness and meeting new people. I vividly remember within the first two weeks, so many students were practicing their locker combinations the Locker area was packed! They were versing eachotherr to see who could open theirs the fastest. It was quite hilarious.
      The only issue is Homework, considering the fact we have huge assignments (we had a massive Egypt project and some others). At the end of the day, you work till 8-9 at night then tiredly go to sleep.
      Thats Highschool at the moment,(except the lots of sleeping part)talk to you soon!


  13. Hi Kyla

    Seems like you really like high school. Thanks for giving me good advice about secondary. I hope I get in to the school I sign up for. Pascoe Vale Girls College.

    How is everthing.1 question, do you play with the same friends as last year or you’ve got new friends? Tell everyone I say hi.

    Good Luck for next year.

    Regards, Fatat