Thursday, 21 March 2013

CBL- Guiding Questions and Guiding Activities

Hi my name is Campbell and I am the group leader for my CBL group. The two classes who are doing it together are 5/6A and 5/6B, that’s my class. For the last 5 weeks we have been set a task. To research and find the answer to our guiding question which most of us were given. My question was- ‘What Australia would be like without the Commonwealth?’

We were set another task to present our research and findings. Miss Spink and Miss Cotter showed us and explained to us ways we could present our findings and research. We went off and had to decide how we wanted to present, tell the teacher and go back to plan. I decided to do a video scribe. This is what mine looks like. 

I hope everyone does just as well as me. I am really looking forward to seeing other people’s presentations.

Have you ever done CBL?
What are you doing for your presentation?
What is your guiding question?


  1. Hi Campbell,

    Great resource. I love the way you have combined your research with an informed opinion of what you think Australia could be like if we were not a part of the Commonwealth.

    I am sure your resource will be helpful for other students.

    Keep up the great work.

    Miss Spink

  2. This is a great video Campbell- you really explain the idea of the Commonwealth clearly and do a good job exploring the topic.
    I think if Australia wasn't part of the Commonwealth we would still look very similar, but we might have a different form of government.
    But there would also be the chance that this land could have been divided up and ruled by many other countries instead. Maybe each State would now be a different country- that would make Australia very different to the way it is now!

  3. Hi Cam Hocking

    Thank you for answering my question. That is definitely true what you believe we may look like. You are definitely someone I would love to hear from a lot.

    From Campbell

  4. Impressive work!

  5. Hello Campbell,

    You have done a great job on the video and have clearly explained your guiding question- What would Australia be without a Commonwealth?

    I have done CBL with my own Guiding question as a group leader helping my members.

    I have already done my presentation on a movie maker by a 2 minute video, with help of my group and researching.

    My Guiding question is Why didn't Aboriginal Children have rights?

    Have you decided on which issues that you want changed? What are they?

    Regards Can A.C.P.S

  6. Dear Miss Spink,

    CBL is a great way to learn about the world and history.I have done CBL before,last year we learnt about the human body and all the systems.For my presentation I did a game show. My guiding question,How does somebody win an election?Once again CBL is a awesome way to find out about the WORLD and HISTORY!